JSON Viewer


What is JSON?

JSON is short for JavaScript Object Notation. So is JSON JavaScript? Not exactly. JSON is a data format that is independent of any programming language, although it is derived from JavaScript. The bulk of modern programming languages contain code that can generate and parse JSON data.

A few notes on JSON:

  • JSON is commonly used for sharing data across apps because it is a lightweight and versatile format that both people and machines can readily read and write.
  • JSON is very beneficial for online applications that require data interchange between client and server. Web developers may quickly transport sophisticated data structures such as arrays and objects between the client and server by utilising JSON as a data standard.
  • JSON data is structured in two basic ways: a key/value pair or a collection of such pairs, or an ordered list. JSON allows six different types of data to be stored or transported, including: Array, Null, Boolean, String , Number , Object.
  • Lastly, while JSON is a robust and versatile data format, it may not always be the ideal solution for every use scenario. Alternative data formats, such as XML or YAML, may be more suitable for specific applications, depending on criteria such as data complexity and system compatibility.

As you can see, JavaScript and JSON are two completely different things. While JSON is derived from JavaScript, the two are not exactly comparable in any way.